Cause & Funding.

Diabetes is an epidemic, progressively disabling and deadly disease affecting nearly one in ten Americans today. One in three Americans is pre-diabetic and at risk of becoming diabetic within 5 years.  These numbers are growing, nearly doubling since 1980. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) projects that one in three children born in the last ten years will develop diabetes in their lifetime, one in two if the child is African American or Latino. The complications of unmanaged diabetes are blindness, kidney failure, heart, cardiovascular and neurological disease, limb amputation, coma and death. More than half of diabetic adults develop vision problems, with diabetes being the primary cause of adult blindness. Roughly half of diabetics develop neurological complications that can impair mobility. These complications make diabetes a primary component of health care cost in the U.S. Yet, diabetes screening to detect early onset and promote early management of diabetes is not always covered by medical insurance or performed during physical exams until diabetes symptoms are already present. Consequently, nearly 1 in 3 diabetics and 9 in 10 pre-diabetics live with the disease or its early forms undiagnosed and unmanaged. World-wide, nearly 1 in 2 diabetics live undiagnosed.