Sponsorship & Offers.

Corporate sponsorship of Ride4Diabetes and cycling team matching gift pledges are an essential part of Ride4Diabetes fundraising. Team and event sponsorship of Ride4Diabetes demonstrate corporate commitment and promote positive community visibility to the cause of employee health, lowered health care costs as well as support for the fight against diabetes.

Lions is committed to lowering Bay Area corporation health care costs in this fight by offering “free” on campus employee diabetes screening with its Mobile Screening Unit to corporations sponsoring Ride4Diabetes at the $15,000 level (see below). Sponsorship may be any combination of event and team pledge donation.

The Corporate Cost of Diabetes

The statistics surrounding the health care and productivity costs for corporations incurred by diabetes and diabetes related illnesses (heart disease, cancer) are staggering. The most recent American Diabetes Association study completed in 2012 showed diabetes treatment alone in the US costs $245 billion with a 41% growth rate over a five year period. When productivity loss due to illness and disability is added, the bill becomes $322 billion. The average health care burden per diabetic in 2012 was $10,970 per year! Diabetes is mostly a preventable disease which accounts for 70% of healthcare costs in the U.S. 45% of American adults will develop diabetes or a diabetes related disease (heart disease, cancer) due to being overweight. Lost productivity due to such illness and health related performance inefficiencies is believed to account for as much as 60% of employer healthcare cost. Statistically, nearly one in 10 employees has diabetes, one in four of these is undiagnosed and not managing the progressively disabling disease. Nearly one in four employees is an undiagnosed, unmanaged pre-diabetic with a 30% risk of developing diabetes within 5 years.